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Boosting feedback in class

Different IE professors use clickers in the classroom

At IE Business School electronic response systems have been used for years in blended programs in the videoconference sessions. Through survey polls students are able to give immediate feedback on different questions. This experience has been transferred to face to face classes with a response system that professors can borrow from the learning innovation department. Clickers are physical electronic student response systems, usually allowing for A,B,C,D,E,… or number responses.

At IE, professors of Financial Management, such as Carmen Alonso-Muñoyerro and Carlos Bellon, Marketing professor Antonios Stamatogiannakis or Lee Newman from the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, have been using this technology to boost synchronous class feedback. Some of the advantages of the system are:

• Everyone participates, not just the overly vocal.
• The results of the voting could be shown in different types of graphs that are developed immediately.
• It is much easier to vote, as oppose to a large number of students raising their hands.
• There is the possibility to vote, not only through the clickers, but also by smart phone or other mobile devices.

Pictures sometimes say more than words: As you can observe from the photo, students love the experience.
If you like to use the clickers in the classroom please contact: helponline@ie.edu (917875115)