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Synergies between subjects? – Academic integration at the Global MBA

Role play between Finance and Operations Management professors

Some critics say that academic knowledge is something like a silo based point of view of a single subject: But MBA Students are supposed to have a general management view on the top of that.

Therefore IE’s Financial Management Professor Virginia Bombin and Operations Management Professor Felipe Amado Quintana started a new and innovative initiative: They held a surprise online discussion in their last videoconference of the subject. In a role play they pretended to be the operations manager and the financial manager of the same company. The objective of this exercise was to show students why they have to think outside their one subject focused management point of view and be aware of the links between the Finance and Operations department. Instead of working against each other, departments have to show synergies by coordinating, mutual knowledge, a good analysis of forecasts and KPIs, a coordinated study of the mutual investments and of strategy, in short, medium and long term perspectives.
As Felipe mentioned: These types of initiatives help the students to understand different points of view under a common umbrella, integrating them into a global vision, helping to obtain holistic management knowledge.
Students mentioned that they also got a real sense of coordination between professors with this fun videoconference.