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Getting the best from the touch screens in class.

Marketing and Strategy Professor Ángel Núñez manages the touch screens at María de Molina 31 in a new and innovative way.

Up to now our professors used one of the touch screens as master, while the second reproduced exactly what was being showed in the first monitor. Ángel uses both of them as master, as two separated computers. This way he can alternate different contents on each screen.

la fotob [1]

One of the most interesting uses Ángel makes of the two monitors is to have Skype sessions with guest speakers, while he presents the ideas related to the interview in the other screen.

But that is only the beginning. Imagine the value the use of two master screens can add to your classes… In his own words: “using the two screens as master takes the visualization of data in class to a superior level; resources multiply without interruption, facilitating the participation dynamics”.

Excel, whiteboard, Power Point, Prezi, Youtube, multimedia cases… All these can be presented in a combined way to the students. And students themselves can take advantage of this configuration during their own presentations!