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A Real Digital Marketing Plan for a Pop Band

Written on May 19, 2011 by in General

Students of the Higher Education Program in Digital Marketing show us their learning experience

Maldita Nerea is one of the most successful pop bands in Spain in recent years. IE Professor Manuel Alonso Coto invited their singer and mastermind, Jorge Ruiz, to a class with a special surprise – the Students of the Higher Education Program in Digital Marketing had prepared for the session a digital marketing plan for the launch of the bands new LP “Fácil”.

Jorge thanked the class for their in-depth presentation and said that they gave him a lot of food for thought. Jorge, who is well known as someone who thinks out of the box in the music industry, also told the students: “The absence of fear is one of the clues in marketing”. The students were very enthusiastic about presenting their ideas and receiving feedback from him immediately. And for sure for one of the student´s kids it was a special class: Jorge signed a shirt for her!


Leadership Development in Africa

Written on February 3, 2011 by in General

IMBA Students participating in social projects in a 6-week fellowship program in Africa

In the summer of 2010, nine IMBA students from IE Business School travelled to South Africa to take part in a 6-week, life-changing experience. As fellows of the Leadership Development Program of the Emzingo group they worked on consulting projects for local NGOs.
This Fellowship Program provides student participants the opportunity to engage in a 6-week immersion experience in an emerging economy, giving them the opportunity to work in the space where business meets the social sector. Pairs of students were partnered with citizen sector organizations to collaborate on strategic projects supporting the organizations’ missions and goals. Students acted as additional resources and provided business expertise by leveraging their academic and professional skills and experience.
Some of their experiences are summarized in the following video:

In January 2011 the next group of students of the International MBA headed to South Africa. Fellow Hesham Elbosaty told us just the day before departing to Africa:
” I am really excited about participating in a social project on consulting a coffee company which uses only fair trade coffee. “
We hope to have some more statements from Hesham about his experience in one of the coming editions of our blog.


A chat with BBVA’s CEO Francisco Gonzalez

Written on February 3, 2011 by in General

The hybridization of the real and the virtual

Whereas only a small group of the 2010 IMBA had the honor of chatting with BBVA´s President and CEO Francisco Gonzalez, now all IE students and indeed anyone interested, has the possibility of enjoying a similar, one to one learning experience, virtually. The multimedia case study and the 30 minute interview by Dean Santiago Iñíguez, who paid a visit to the BBVA Innovation Center in Madrid to talk to President Francisco González, discuss the bank´s unique business approach to the uncertainty brought by the financial crisis. The written case also includes an innovative way to view the interview on mobile phones:

Just scan the QR code on the right to be redirected to the interview.

As Alba Funosa, IMBA alumni 2010, explains: “ Talking with the CEO of one of the biggest banks in the world one to one, about the bank´s future strategy and its internationalization, was really exciting!”
Real or virtual: an amazing learning experience.


Week zero at IE University

Written on December 9, 2010 by in General

Freshmen beginning their IE learning experience

At the start of the 2010 academic year, new students participated in a weeklong event of activities. The object was to help orientate them to their new lifes, living and studying at IE University. These activities included tours of the campus and the city of Segovia, and introductory workshops to the various services and courses. A highlight was an outdoor activity park where students had fun completing four different circuits, one of which featured was an enormous wire gliding course, with glides up to 160 meters, trapezes, rope bridges, nets and tree ropes. In the words of a new student: “It was really helpful. Most of the activities were challenging and helped us to start getting to know one another.”
All of their activities are aimed at helping new students form friendships with other students, alumni and faculty, and to become more comfortable in their new home.
As Ana Martin Lopez, director of the student office underlines: ”They had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the activities. A true learning experience.”


Behavioral simulators for experiential learning

Written on December 9, 2010 by in General

How IMBA students learn from psychology

Experimental findings and methods in the behavioral sciences are becoming increasingly important in fields like economics and finance which until the last few decades relied heavily on models of rationality that often failed to predict real world behavior. As Professor Lee Newman comments, “We can study how people should behave and how people actually behave. Historically, these two approaches have been pursued independently. If we want to design better market mechanisms, craft more effective policies, and create more productive organizations we have to study and teach both perspectives, ideally at the same time.”

The IExperiments is designed to allow professors throughout IE to conduct behavioral experiments in the classroom, with students playing the role of experimental participants. The tool automates the process of running the experiment, collecting the data, displaying the results, and walking through the core lessons. Engineers & Lawyers is the first experiment and it is based on work in psychology and behavioral economics carried out by Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and colleagues.

As Professor Newman notes, “It’s one thing to read and learn about the results of seminal behavioral experiments. It’s quite another thing for students to participate in classroom replications of these experiments. The former leads to knowledge about behavior, the latter to behavioral change with lasting impact.”

The experiment was recently performed by IMBA students in the elective Behavioral Judgment & Decision Making. As one student commented “Despite the results, that were surprising, the tool was great, giving the right “suspense” for the results and keeping them in a graphic and useful way”. Another student noted “it´s interesting and funny to start a new topic with an application – testing yourself”.


Classroom or pharmacy?

Written on October 6, 2010 by in General

Students from the in- company program ”Executive Pharmaceutical Manager ” learn in a simulated pharmacy how to expose products.

The ”Executive Pharmaceutical Manager” is a very special program, organized by IE Executive Education, together with the Active Cosmetics division of L’Oreal Group, for their outstanding clients. Tailor-made for the best pharmacists across Spain, it has a hands-on approach in its learning methodology. Meanwhile, the core of the course contains most of the business relevant subjects like Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and there is one afternoon dedicated to a very special issue: Visual Merchandising.
During this last day students develop, using a very practical approach, their capacity to communicate with the customers through the point-of-sale in a workshop in a simulated pharmacy, set up in one of the classrooms.
The students mentioned after finishing the course: “This program is a unique opportunity to see the pharmacy world from the outside, with specialist professors in each of the subjects.”
Ana Sanchez, IE director of the program emphasizes: “This program is driven by innovation, throughout the whole program, with a special focus on visual merchandising and space management in pharmacies. Student´s really like this experience, which is applicable the next day in their pharmacies.”


Learning through consulting

Written on July 13, 2010 by in General

The IMBA students’  experience of the Global Consulting Practicum (GCP)

The GCP sees five International MBA students from IE and five from The Wharton School in Pennsylvania join forces to develop a strategic plan for a Spanish company looking to enter (or consolidate) in the US market.

This year three companies took part: ZINKIA (creator of the Pocoyó brand), INCOSA (engineering consultant) and EOLINCYL (wind turbine developer).

Students from Wharton travelled to Madrid in January for a period of face-to-face meetings with IE students and the companies involved. The large majority of the collaboration over the duration of the project was developed online with students connecting regularly via videoconferencing. The GCP concluded with all involved meeting at the Wharton campus in Philadelphia for the final presentation sessions last May.

Those companies involved coincided in their view that the GCP has been of vital importance in guiding their entry decisions and that they now have the necessary information and recommendations to make their entry into the US market a success.

Aside from the obvious benefits to the companies taking part, these projects also provide great value to students as GCP faculty member Professor Nestor Miranda comments:  “From the learning perspective this is truly a unique experience and allows students to put into practice the tools they have acquired throughout their MBA. They have the opportunity to strengthen their network with Wharton students as they work together to develop a fully implementable market entry strategy.”

Todd Lombardo, recent International MBA graduate and member of one of this year’s consulting teams reflects: “This is a real consulting role with a real client that has real needs. It was a roller-coaster experience I certainly will not forget as it was one of the best experiences from my time at IE.”


Entrepreneurship classes at Shanghai Expo 2010

Written on July 13, 2010 by in General

Students of the International Executive MBA had the opportunity to present their business plan in the Spanish Pavilion

Overall the residential period was a wonderful experience where students & faculty had a chance to reconnect after six months of communicating online.

Shanghai is an incredible city and it was a real experience to be part of both Expo 2010 and the IXMBA 2009 November intake.

Also for Ignacio de la Vega, IE professor of Entrepreneurship, this experience was very interesting. The Pavilion opened its business center for us, bringing the students the opportunity of presenting their work in a totally different environment, far from the classrooms and closer to a seek-for-investors venue.  After the session, and with high spirits for having done a successful job, the whole class was invited to take a tour of the Spanish Pavilion and celebrate in many other country sites that did suit the diversity of the Class. Great Job guys!!”


A personal introduction through the web

Written on June 28, 2010 by in General

Lessons learned from “Markets E-research” Professor John Griffiths.

The Master in Digital Marketing is the kind of master where you can put in practice all the new digital trends for the online methodology, and one of them is, of course, Youtube!!. As this is a blended program which combines short face-to-face periods with online periods some of the courses start directly online and finish face-to-face.

Professor John Griffiths in order to introduce himself starts his online classes in Markets e-Research & Product e-Marketing right away with a “homemade” video in his hometown London. As he mentions: “This is just a short introductory film I made down by the river Thames.”

Students like the idea of watching a video with his very self style as an introductory to the syllabus and the course, as one participant mentions:

“This is a really innovative way to start an online session.  All of the documentation is in campus, but to have the professor explain it, and put it in context in a short video really adds another dimension to the experience.”

After a few months teaching online students will meet Professor Griffith when they join his class in a “real world experience” at the face to face period in London.


IE Business School Students Explore Change in Action

Written on June 28, 2010 by in General

Thinking outside the Oil Barrel to Ensure Sustainability.
Between the first and second core periods of the International MBA curriculum, IE Business School students take part in “Change in Action” – a weeklong event that investigates the challenges and opportunities of discontinuous change.  This year’s topic Future beyond Oil: Thinking outside of the Barrel to Ensure Sustainability, analyzed the politics and global business of the world’s oil dependency through a series of presentations from outside experts, online simulation, scenario planning workshops, group work, and role playing.

The weeklong event kicked off with a series of panels focused on the future of energy.  Topics and speakers included:

The Future of Fossil Fuels

Innovation and Game Changers in the Energy Industry

The Politics and Geopolitics of Oil

Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Oil and Clean Energy Investments: How the crisis will impact the energy sector

After listening to various experts discuss the future of energy, students prepared a group presentation analyzing the impact of two possible energy scenarios in 2030 on one of five sectors: Oil & Gas, Automotive, Electric Utilities, IT, and Urban Development. Their main deliverable was to analyze the potential positive or negative effects of cooperation or total lack of coordination on the future energy needs of these industries.

“Change in Action underlines the innovative and internationally-focused curriculum that makes the IE MBA program truly unique and prepares students with a global vision that is not just about the bottom line but also future sustainability,” said Waya Quiviger, Director of Special Projects at IE Business School.”

In order to see the student´s experience have a look at this video.

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