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A new class dynamic in Private Civil Law has been introduced by Professor Casilda Cortes Puya

Students in the LLB received a lawsuit, a reply to the suit, a witness and a documental proof a couple of weeks before the class. They were split into two groups: one group was supposed to support the claimant, whilst the other the defendant.
London Lawyer and Professor Nicholas Yell was invited via a videoconference to be part of the session. To start off, he explained how these kind of proceedings work in the UK. After this students had to defend their position in groups, through two statements. The first one had to detail their position and the second focused on answering the arguments of the first group and also included some final conclusions. Nicholas acted as the judge (putting on a real court wig!), helped them along with their statements and delivered the final judgment, which actually existed as this was a real life case.
As far as we can tell, the virtual judge and the new lawyers were all happy with this new ability to deliver sentences across countries. Lady Justice will add some more devices to the blindfold and the scales of justice: perhaps a webcam and a headset!


“Amplifying” the classroom

Written on March 28, 2012 by in General, Technology, University

Experts from around the globe coming to your classroom

Videoconferencing is one of the multiple tools that IE uses for teaching and communication purposes. However, at IE University the video lecture software is also being used as a tool to “amplify the classroom” by inviting virtually, experts from around the world to share their knowledge.

Last January in the bachelor of biology, Dr. Eduardo de la Peña, from Terrestrial Ecology Unit of  Ghent University in Belgium was invited from a distance to lecture on the topic: “Out of sight, out of mind: the role of soil biota in the functioning and restoration of terrestrial ecosystems.”

Students onsite at IE University in Segovia received this experts lecture in their regular classroom. As Maria José Sanchez, director of bachelor in biology mentions:” This has been a fantastic experience, not only for the students but also for the professor. Inviting an expert from across the world has never been easier. We hope to repeat this learning experience for students.”

The borders of the real classroom are getting fuzzier, real life experiences from across the world can easily be shared and amplify the educational field.


Rock´n Roll Architecture

Written on October 6, 2010 by in Technology, University, Visits

What have architecture and Rock’n Roll got in common?

In the Bachelor in Architecture, in the subject of Design Studio II, Professor Manuel Ocaña invited architect and researcher Carlos Ramos to one of his lectures. Carlos’ conference was entitled out Towards Rocking Architecture.A retrospective insight into space and sound throughout four short stories.- and talked about the influences rock music could have on architecture. As well as speaking about the subject – Carlos  also took out his guitar and played some chords like the well known “Smoke on the water” from Deep Purple in the videoconference.

Not only was Professor Manuel Ocaña amazed by this new learning experience, but students also commented: “This was really a fantastic conference and a very out of the box learning experience.”


Visit to Google in Madrid

Written on April 29, 2009 by in General, University


Master in Digital Marketing online students accompanied by professor Manuel Alonso Coto, went to visit Google installations in Madrid last March 09.

The visit was divided in two different sessions, introduced by Isabel Salazar, Associate Product Marketing Manager of Google in Spain.

As Manuel stated: “In the first part we came to know the way Google approaches its own marketing efforts. Our students realized how, despite their frequent statement of not spending a single dollar in advertising, they really have a very solid grasp of the best marketing practices and put them to work; for instance they deal very well with all the publicity issues of their communication; the use or their doodles was a perfect example.”

In the second part of the visit students had the opportunity to discuss Youtube’s possibilities from the advertising standpoint. It was clear that branded channels offer good perspectives in terms of crowdsourcing as long as they can be very useful for brand building.

Students really enjoyed the opportunity of sharing with professionals of Google the new business opportunities and also the future of the Digital Marketing.

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